Best ROBO Trading software in india, Royal Q Binance review

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    September 13, 2021

Understanding of RoyalQ quantitative Trading, Wide experience in quantitative trading strategy research & development, system development and operation experience of the Binance exchange, information technology, private equities.

What is RoyalQ ?

RoyalQ is a super intelligent application that executes automatic intelligent trading like robot, real time monitoring and tracking of big data algorithms while adjusting real time market conditions and 24×7 real time monitoring, thus continuous income is generated.  

What is the SAFETY of FUND ?

RoyalQ never stores your funds. You keep all your investment fund in your Binance or Huobi exchange and RoyalQ is only allowed to execute the spot and margin trading through a secure API integration between the exchange and RoyalQ platform. Your funds can therefore be instantly withdrawn at any time you deem fit.



• Latest technology business
• Home based business
• Business on you palms (mobile application)
• Profit through crypto trading
• Profits through referring (life long income when ever they makes profit
• Time freedom
• Money freedom
• New friends around the globe
• Professional development
• Learn new ideas

Quantitative Trading Strategy

The System uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically match quantitative trading strategies that are suitable for the current market situation, eliminating the unprofessional judgments of quantitative trading user’s trend and failure to match in time using corresponding strategies.

  • This refers to the way in which investors use computer technology.
  • The financial engineering model, assist investors to make investment decisions, and strictly follow the set rules to carry out trading strategies(buy, sell).
  • Quantification trading methods includes Automatic Trading, Digital quantitative Investment, Programmed Trading, Algorithmic Trading and High Frequency Trading.
robo trading software

Trading Discipline :

• Use only 50% of your capital for trading
• Use the 50% wisely
• Never over buy
• Never be panic
• Never be greedy
• Take control over the market and let not the market control you

robo trading software


robo trading software 1


Crypto Currency Trading Using RoyalQ  Intelligent Robot use API from BINANCE Exchange:

API from Binance is safe to use in Royal Q

  • It Allows 2 applications to talk to each other
  • Allows Buy and Sell
  • Allows Monitor market in real time
  • Cannot Withdraw fund from exchange
  • Cannot Transfer Assets

SPOT Trading :

spot trading 1


  • Buy low sell high
  • No Margin Call
  • Time & money is your friend
spot trading



  • Dollar Cost Averaging Method
  • Buy coins when the market value drops
  • Ability to take advantage when price drops

Income through Royal Q :

  1. Trading Income
  2. Affiliate Income

Affiliate Plan :

Affiliate Plan



Gas Fee :

  • Gas Fee 20 Directs x 20 Trades x 365 days = 146,000 times
  • 20 Directs x 20 Trades x 365 days = 146,000 times


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